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DC Advisory is affiliated with the most active early stage accelerator and VC fund based in Santa Monica, CA and the third most active seed stage investor in the USA (according to Crunchbase).

DC Advisory LLC invests in pre-seed and seed stage healthcare, EB products & services, pharmacy-tech, ben-tech, digital health & analytics, health SaaS, and medical device companies all over the world. Our job does not stop at allocating capital resources, it's to provide mentorship, programming, education, and industry partnerships to promote rapid sustainable growth. We are a growth accelerator and I'm looking for companies who are ready to grow and scale!

To date, most of our start-ups are minority and female founded technology companies. Of our 105 investments to date, 41% of them are female led, ranking Dojo higher than any other U.S. accelerator who averages only 18% of their portfolio being in female founders. We celebrate diversity and minority business leaders at ExpertDojo, come join us!

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I invest in healthcare because I understand it - I live it, I breathe it, and I can turn those investment dollars into livelihoods! 

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I cannot say enough great things about our partnership with DC Advisory, LLC.  From the moment we were introduced to the moment of writing this testimonial, they have been an integral part in our new business strategy, client innovation and helping our clients take control of their health plans.  Our team is learning so much from DC Advisory, LLC and what we appreciate most is not only their proactive nature, yet also the patient, consultative and flexible manner at which they treat their relationship with us and mutual clients.  We are excited to continue building our business as we push to educate our market & community.

Edwige Ligonde - EB Executive Director

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"From the beginning, Daniel has been a terrific mentor in helping us navigate go-to-market, marketing/sales, capitalization strategy. His experience as a digital health investor and healthcare advisor uniquely equips him to understand what’s really necessary to scale a healthcare venture and how to tap into key distribution channels. He’s willing to get in the startup trenches, share vision, and make meaningful connections to drive growth. Daniel is a true asset to our team and I would recommend him to any founder looking for a great early-stage partner to help ramp up growth and reach the next critical inflection point."

Josh Jackson & Phil McKnight - Founders


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