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Image by Daniel Hodgkins


We are actively building hospital and provider networks in various markets:  OR, CA, NV, ID, AZ, TX, OH, GA, OK, DE, NJ, NY, FL, MN, WI, MA, IN.

  • Direct Contracting

  • Single Case Agreements

  • System Reimbursement Agreements

  • Specialty Provider Access (surgery, imaging, laboratory)

  • Cancer Treatment + Dialysis Centers of Excellence

Paint Buckets


Do you have a smaller health plan with less than 100 enrolled?  Not to worry, we have captivated risk pools no matter the industry or tolerance.  Our captive programs offer:

  • Stop-loss policy decrements

  • Group purchasing discounts for products & services

  • Free Telehealth, EAP, and wellness solutions

  • Additional risk management solutions

Warehouse Shelves


We're actively building programs that offer our health plans wholesale access to the following:

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Diabetic Supplies

  • Genetic Testing Supplies

  • Home Health Solutions

Image by Andrey Metelev


DC Advisory partners with Private Equity & Venture Capital interests to recover and secure hidden equity from health plans after the M&A of new business.

  • Erroneous Medical Claim Recovery

  • Erroneous Rx Claim Recovery

  • Millions in Equity Recovery To Date

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